Born and brought up in Norway, I have always loved working with colour and texture and I have made jewellery for myself ever since I studied for a diploma in clothes design in the early nineties. Living in the hustle and bustle of London it has been both soothing and stimulating to revive my creative instincts, and in the past six months I have worked on a small collection of individually designed jewellery, using semi-precious gemstones, gold and silver. I design in tune with the seasons, and I keep a fascinated eye on fashion – without being a slave to it. Most of my creations are unique, although I do occasionally make a limited number of a certain design. Because I do everything myself I can also tailor a piece of jewellery to my customer’s needs if required, and sometimes I will create a bespoke design with someone specific in mind.

I send out a fortnightly bulletin with photos of new creations, please sign up below if you would like to receive this.